Pets Solutions

We have the answer to a happy lawn and happy pet: artificial grass. Picture a clean yard, free of stains and odors. You’re now one step closer to making it a reality – and you, a happier homeowner.

Here at Smart Synthetic Turf, we can install artificial grass designed to look just like fresh-cut grass and blend into your natural grass, which will also showcase the following benefits for you and your four-legged friends: 

  • Urine spot elimination: Instead of the continual cycle of reseeding and added labor, this is your solution.
  • Mess elimination: Rather than your pet dragging mud, dirt and debris into the house from his fur or paws. You save time in housework and money in pet grooming appointments.
  • Increased hygiene: High water flow drainage and non-absorbent design makes cleaning easier, controls odors from pet waste and reduces your pet’s risk of contracting parasites, ticks, fleas, mites and worms.
  • Environmentally friendly: The turf is made from strong, durable recyclable materials to withstand the elements, and wear and tear from your pet. High in quality, this surface is long term and will save you money, guaranteed.

Most importantly our artificial turf at Smart Synthetic Turf is pet-safe. Ultimately, that’s what you require in artificial grass, right? Our turf is safe for any size, species or breed of pet. You don’t need to apply any of the pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers often used on lawns that could cause chemical burns and other serious health problems in animals. We know you consider your pets like your children, so minimizing your pet’s exposure to any of these toxic substances is most important.

Let us know your surfacing needs and we will custom-build, or maintain, convert or repair the old surface. Contact us today to get started and hit our ground running!