Terraces & Balconies

Improve your outdoor living space high above ground with a greener rooftop, terrace or balcony. Smart Synthetic Turf can install a beautiful synthetic surface that will greatly improve and transform any residential or commercial space to beat the heat, which may be why you haven’t used it for a long time.

Why settle for the cold look and feel of asphalt or concrete? A green roof or terrace adds comfort, elegance and lively color for any season, which is especially ideal in an urban area. Colors are fade-resistant and available in a wide array of shades. We can easily install a green surface that will gather your friends and family to enhance your quality of life. Not only that, but upkeep is minimal, with our engineering and design that features durability and easy water drainage.

Let us know your surfacing needs and we will custom-build, or maintain, convert or repair the old surface.  Contact us today to get started and hit our ground running!