We’ve been in this business long enough to know how important it is to install a first-class playing field or sport surface with incomparable accuracy and engineering. If not, installation of this capacity isn’t worth your valuable time or money investment.

For the last 10 years here at Smart Synthetic Grass, we’ve installed and distributed a wide array of sports surfaces and can assure you the best quality products, along with top-notch, passionate professionals dedicated to each and every project. No matter the size or scope of work you have, our focus is on one thing: you.

 For artificial grass fields, we begin by building a drain system, which consists of a series of pipes and free draining stone. This is as vital as the foundation of the turf components themselves, installed through precise laser grading. Your soil stability is also a crucial component of the longevity of your field, which is why we evaluate this, along with proper draining, before we begin installation. Once construction commences, you can count on the workmanship, seaming and exclusive techniques applied by our staff to get the job done with success, on time and on budget.

Our running tracks are the fastest in the country, thanks to the swift attention to detail by our installation crew. The process entails layering asphalt with NFHSA-, IAAF- and ASBA-certified track surfaces, as well as an interior trench drain, to ensure longevity.

The same process is crucial for durable tennis court installation, from new builds to resurfacing to solely installing new nets. Our specialists are dedicated to guiding you in the right direction to the right product choice for you.

Let us know your surfacing needs and we will custom-build or maintain, convert or repair the old surface. Contact us today to get started and hit our ground running.