Athletic Tracks

You’re on track when you call on us to install one of our IAAF- and FIBA-certified systems for your basketball court or running tracks. The exceptional systems are pour-in-place and realized with SBR and EPDM, which provides a good elasticity, softness and the highest safety standards as possible.

The terrain advantages for you easily lap the competition:

  •  durability
  •  energy-absorbing
  •  all-weather
  •  UV-ray-, abrasion-, shrinkage- and mold-resistant

And the benefits for your athletes help them finish strong and injury-free. Our track surfaces protect joints at every pace, race after race. The resilience is unbelievable, taking the labored ritual of resurfacing out of the equation – and out of your budget. Our long-lasting athletic tracks hold up to the beatings and footwear from runners.

Let us know your surfacing needs and we will custom-build, or maintain, convert or repair the old surface.  Contact us today to get started and hit our ground running!