Hard Courts

We make the process of hard court installation easy on you – and easy on your athletes every time they step foot on one our professionally installed hard courts.

While other systems for hard sports courts include up to four layers of acrylic products, which make the playing surface too rigid to accommodate the body’s joints, Smart Synthetic Turf has developed a new concept of cushioned tennis courts, a hard court system that utilizes a few extra layers of rubber granules under the layers of acrylic sheets.

Our hard courts are beneficial because of their durability, low maintenance and versatility for multiple sports, with the ability to adjust for speed, cushioning and color scheme. The hard court systems can easily be applied on asphalt or a concrete sub-base. We can add the color choices and options to play other sports besides tennis, such as basketball or in-line hockey.

Let us know your surfacing needs and we will custom-build, or maintain, convert or repair the old surface. Contact us today to get started and hit our ground running!